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Made In Canada

Do You Know Where Your Diamond Jewellery Was Made?


Insist On Knowing!


How would you feel if your diamond engagement ring was made somewhere off continent – say China, Taiwan or India. Worse yet, how would you feel if you found out your major purchase was made in the terrible conditions of a “sweat shop”? How would you know, since with the exception of jewellery “Made In Italy”, your jewellery does not state where it was made anywhere on it?

At Exclusive Diamonds we guarantee your purchase was made here in Canada and that it has been made to last a lifetime.


As with most consumers, we do not think twice about the long-term effects our shopping habits have on the communities we live in. We have become addicted to low quality products made abroad and are hooked on accumulating quantity over quality. Products that used to be built to last are now built to be disposed of, making them seem cheaper at first glance. This is known as planned obsolescence.


Over the past couple of years Canada has seen the emergence of a grassroots movement towards buying more locally-made products. It seems the pendulum has gone as far as it can in the outsourcing direction, and companies are striving for more balance and better quality control.


Below are six reasons why you should invest in locally manufactured goods:

1) When we buy Canadian, we directly impact our economy in positive ways. Every dollar we spend in Canada has a ripple effect that far exceeds that of simple profits made by the businesses who take our money in exchange for goods or services.
2) When we buy Canadian, we know that the products have met our country’s health & safety standards.
3) When we buy Canadian, we are reducing our carbon footprint, as products made closer to home require much less transportation.
4) When we buy Canadian, we can rest assured that the people who made the product are treated fairly, working in safe & sanitary conditions.
5) When we buy Canadian, we are contributing to the enrichment of our communities. It systematically makes us a part of something greater than ourselves and our immediate (material) needs.

6) Most importantly, when you buy diamond jewellery made here in Canada by Exclusive Diamonds, because it is made to exact specifications with time tested techniques and of top quality materials including conflict free diamonds, it was made to last and be treasured for generations to come. Insist on knowing where your jewellery was made and insist on buying Canadian!


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