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Custom Made

Custom Made JewelleryExclusive Diamond’s talented designers create stunning new pieces according to your tastes and preferences, or by restyling your existing jewellery. Often heirloom pieces are given new life, appealing to a whole new generation and creating a priceless family treasure to be enjoyed that much more for many years to come. Bring us your jewellery and let us give you some new and exciting ideas!


All custom designed jewellery is one of a kind because it is a reflection of you. Because our custom creations are hand fabricated, no two pieces of handmade jewellery can be identical. We feel it is in the uniqueness of a custom designed piece, that the beauty is truly exemplified.


The Exclusive Diamonds houses several world-class jewellers with decades of experience. We have clients from all over the world to attest to our artistry and quality of work. We guarantee that the piece will match the final design you approved including the dimensions of the piece, the stones and metals used.


All craftsmanship and materials are fully guaranteed.


Visit our “Handmade Collection” to view some of our beautifully crafted jewellery.


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